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I was big on Matt Flynn but it makes way too much sense for him to go to Miami now. Not that he has to, but it just seems logical. I agree about Manning preferring to stay in the AFC for the reasons you mentioned Spidey. I'm not sold at all on Tannehill at 6 but at maybe 15-20, I could deal with that I guess. I really thing they need to go all out and get RGIII or at least make a serious run at him. If not, I guess I'd prefer Orton over Rexy, but hell, neither inspires much confidence. Either way, drafting or acquiring a young qb is a must.

Brock Osweiler really interests me. The only problem with him is that he needs to sit for a year or so to learn. The Redskins don't really have anyone that he could sit behind and learn from (no offense MDS). Osweiler has the tools, but he's kind of raw at this point. I would have liked to see him stay for his senior year at Arizona State.