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Then you mean 2 extra. If he fails, we can't even start over until 2015. Any big weapons on offense now have to come through free agency (unless you expect a blackmon to slip to the third), the same holds for cb given how early the elite ones go now. It's a return to Vinny ball

Look at it this way, would you have given the rams Kerrigan Orakpo Williams and Davis for the pick?

But you're assuming those other players we would have drafted this year and the next two years would have panned, not the case. Of course not, but I would have given them Campbell, Rogers and Landry. You see, it can work either way. You're assuming he's going to fail, which rightful he could, I'm not taking that away from you, I've felt the same way, but on the other hand, what if he works? You're talking about a QB for the next 10 possibly 15 years if he can hold up strong. Then in hindsight, it was a great move.

I'm not one of these fans who's going to talk Super Bowl all because of one player, the Redskins still have A LOT of holes to fill, which they did help make bigger by trade those two future first, but it's something that had to be made. Gambling is a big part of the draft, we both know this.

Look at Strasburg. We were warned by how many about his mechanics? Did we listen? Nope. Then look what happened. Still a beast though!

I think Griffin has more to prove than fail. I don't think he'll be like he was during his senior year, but more something close to his junior year.