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Cleveland is going to fire Pat Shurmur and the GM Tom Heckert. I support firing Shurmur, but I'm not entirely sure about Heckert getting axed. He has done a solid job in the draft the past few years. I read that the decision to fire him may have come down to his failure to acquire RGIII, which is a valid issue. If he had included both of their first round picks this past draft in a deal, they would have gotten the RGIII pick from the Rams instead of Washington, but he was stupid and didn't want to do that, deciding instead to waste that very pick he didn't want to trade on Brandon Weeden instead. I was pissed about that whole debacle when it happened, and after seeing the results of RGIII with Washington, I have no problem with him being fired over it despite his otherwise good track record in the draft. So to all of the Redskins fans here, whenever you see RGIII do something cool, remember Tom Heckert, because his one massive failure is the reason for what you have.