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Sounds like Youngstown.   LOL     Seems I had a conversation on the board sometime ago about the Terriers of Hiram College.   Don't remember who it was but they said the campus was divided.   Anyway, my hometown is about as far west as you can get in PA.   It was so far west that the closest hospital was in OH.  I was born in OH.     As a youngster, I remember watching Browns and Steelers games (when the weather was right) on TV.    Never was a Browns hater like a lot of other Steelers' fans.

Was probably me!  We're not far from Youngstown either.  Hiram Ohio.  We're on the Map but a very small dot.  I have other friends that are Steeler fans.  Cleveland game is the only one I nudge them about.  This year they played a lot of NFC east Rivals of the Skins.  So then it was go Steelers!  Hope we can do the same with the Ravens.