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Re: NFL Thread (2012)
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And for that we lose TWO more first rounders, AND a second round? Wtf? What happens when we suck again this year and we end up giving St. Louis a nice #2 or 3 pick a couple more years? This debilitated the team, costing three first round picks AND a second round pick for four freaking picks? I mean come on. Based as you may want a player, bad as you may need him, use some freaking common sense.

I think this is the key.   You're giving this up to a team that has 1) a decent QB in place and 2) has a chance to beat you in the NFC tourney.    Giving it to the Colts/Browns is one thing but St. Louis?   Plus, if the Cards get Manning, the 'skins will be in the crap hole forever.   The Giants aren't gonna be much weaker defensively, Philly and Dallas are staying put and you're going to give this up to a team in the NFC  for an unproven college player ... player of the year or not.   Cross your fingers 'skins' fans.    If GIII ain't it, you're freaked 'til 2020.