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There's a reason I went from a hardcore Redskin fan to now just sitting back, laughing. And actually enjoying their clusterfreaks. This is it, and Dan Snyder as owner, and finally, good old Shanny and his moron son as O coach. This is retarded. I get they wanted the QB, and needed him. But they had the 6th, 6th!!!! Overall pick. And traded not for the first, but the second. Four picks difference. And for that we lose TWO more first rounders, AND a second round? Wtf? What happens when we suck again this year and we end up giving St. Louis a nice #2 or 3 pick a couple more years? This debilitated the team, costing three first round picks AND a second round pick for four freaking picks? I mean come on. Based as you may want a player, bad as you may need him, use some freaking common sense.

 Even if we had a 23rd or worse pick this year, that is a damn steep price. But number six? Jesus dids the Rams see us coming and fleece us or what? I can't believe they had the nerve to say, hey, you agreed to give us three first round picks for four spots lower if a pick, but we want your second rounder this year too. This is the reason this team is an epic failure, a comedic joke that makes fans cry, and just plain retarded. You're crippling the teams near future for a four pick difference. If the Rams don't accept a reasonable deal, you bite down, accept your loss, realize you ain't getting the QB you wanted and instead look forward to three likely high first round picks for the next three years and a fourth pick in the second this year. The talent we lose just isn't worth it... well, I say we, but I mean they. I'm at a point where I'm rooting for them to fail, just so Danny boy can go suck a big you know what. But I don't think they need me rooting for them to fail, looks like they've got that part down pretty damn well.

Jesus, didn't this team learn their lesson the past decade, both from fan reaction to never having any draft picks above the 139th round and the fact the team has sucked, continues to suck, and most analysts point to a lack of young, developed talent acquired via the draft? What an epic clusterfreak this team is, has been, and always will be with Danny Boy at the reigns. Losers even when they try to fill their big, epic gaping hole. No other team in the NFL gives up three first round picks and a second to go from 6th overall to 2nd, unless its the second coming of Stras or Harper, which this guy doesn't even remotely sound like. A possibly above average QB, or just as possibly another epic fail for a Redskin QB. The only certain thing is that they were just raped out of a hell of a lot of talent in the next half of a decade. /rant over