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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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I agree with you on Garcon. I've always viewed him as a soft player who could be made of crystal like Josh Wilson and that freaking bum Atogwe we had last year that some were so excited about. But I disagree with you on Merriweather. The Moss question is something I've wondered also. But I'm sure that's also due to Griffin's inability to have a firm command of the offense at this point. Not that I'm ripping him for it. It's probably understandable at this point in his career but I'm not going to pretend that he walks on water, like a lot of fanbois, and therefore it's not possible that Griffin has not yet mastered the playbook. It's already known that Griffin has called the wrong plays on a few occasions and even called a few plays/formations backwards.  :lmao:  The only other explanation for the triple option is that Shanahan is exposing him to get crushed over and over again so he gets knocked out by week 8 and he can bring in his boy Kirk Cousins to take over.  :stir:  (I don't actually believe that though)