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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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You know I'm just busting your balls dude.  :lol:  I'm not arguing that Griffin appears to be the real deal right now but I'm going to hold off judgment on on how great he can be for now. I know a lot of people in the area are already planning on the HOF induction during the bye week in November but I'm going to need to see a few seasons of production before I consider jumping on that bandwagon. Right now, for all the hype about Griffin, it's clear that he has not been able to grasp the offense as quikcly as they would've liked. That's the only thing that explains why some of the most important elements of Shanahan's system have been MIA for the first three games. It's almost a bit embarrassing to see the offense they have been running lately. Tim Tebow could run the crap they have been trotting out there (:lol:). I jest but you get the point. Once Griffin gets more comfortable with the system and they can open up the playbook we will see if he is what people believe he is or will become. Halfsmokes brought up a very valid point though. How would this team look if they had opted for Dalton instead of Kerrigan and been able to hang on to the cadre of picks they surrendered for the rights to Griffin? Would they be better off in the long run or not? It may be moot but it makes for an interesting debate/discussion. I like Griffin's poise. I like his toughness and mental makeup. I can see he has all the tools. But how long before the light goes on? Don't get me wrong. I'm not being impatient. But I do want to see progress week after week. And running the triple option (albeit successfully) is not going to get it done at this level.