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Terpfan76 is a company guy.  :lol:

Terpfan, if you think Nnamdi Asomugha is a legit cover corner then you must be related to Dan Snyder. Also, any perceptive Redskin fan who watched every snap of Champ Bailey's time here and even beyond can tell that Champ Bailey also was a hype created "cover corner". The funny thing is that the idiot that was doing MNF in 2000 (that clown Dennis Miller character) was the one who started the myth of Champ Bailey being the heir apparent to Darrell Green and Deion Sanders and people bought into that crap for the rest of Bailey's career.  :lmao:  Bailey has capitalized on it though. Champ Bailey was constantly getting owned for first down after first down. But in this media hype era all you need to do is make a play here and there to show up on ESPN highlights shows to build a reputation. Revis is the cream of the crop for sure. There are a few others though that merit mention. Brandon Flowers (Chiefs), Antonio Cromartie (Jets), Tramon Williams (Packers, when healthy) and I'd keep a close eye on the Seahawks' Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. Charles Woodson was another beast at the CB position but he's way past his prime and is now playing safety.

I'm not a company man dude, come on, you know that. I loved Champ and believe he was a top corner, maybe not Deion or Rod Woodson like, but he was elite. Revis is the best and Nnamdi was a top corner and still is considered to be a top corner, but what I was getting at is that there are what, a handful at most legit "shutdown corners" in the league. I agree with you, the Seattle guys look good but not great. There again though, Browner was undrafted. Tramon Williams? Undrafted. Brandon Flowers? Second Round. Cromartie was the 19th overall pick. It just goes to show that high draft picks don't always give you elite corners.

Sure it'll suck not having those picks, but if Griffin ends up as good as it appears he will be, it'll be well worth it. We just need to get better value out of the picks we do have. Hell, we did a decent job with last years picks considering they've all gotten playing time... although that could be an indictment on the rest of the talent... sigh.