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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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I don't hope that at all. Our secondary situation is the biggest issue, Orakpo and Carriker aside, but more importantly, the safeties. They suck. Meriweather, is he gonna play this year? If he does, will it be the Pro-Bowler or the the dud?

I'm tired of knee jerk regime changes. Shanny and Allen made their biggest move by trading 2 firsts and swapping another first to get RGIII. So far, it looks like a good move as he's played damn good all things considered. But making a bunch of changes like you're suggesting will set us back how many more years? Come on man.

A constant criticism for years has been that this team pisses away draft picks and ends up with no depth- this year, our back up LT was out of the league and our safeties should be. Griffen looks damn good, but does he look better than Dalton and a shut down CB or a legitimate FS (plus two more first rounders)?