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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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I doubt some of those guys watch every snap of every game but it doesn't stop them from printing bullcrap about teams. Fans that pay close attention to their teams can find laughable things they write about their respective teams all the time. One poster came here saying Chris Chester was the Redskins worst OL last season because he read it in one of those publications.  :lmao:

I agree with you about the pass rushers. Next to QB, someone who can pressure the QB is the most important part of a team (in my estimation). But Brian Orakpo is not an elite pass rusher. I'm sure you know there is a lot more than sacks (as important as they are) to being considered an elite pass rusher. DeMarcus Ware is an elite pass rusher. Clay Matthews is an elite pass rusher. Jared Allen is an elite pass rusher. Dwight Freeney was once an elite pass rusher. And even Freeney has more sacks than Orakpo over the last 3 years and he has been oft injured and on the downside of this career. Trent Cole is an elite pass rusher. Elvis Dumervil missed an entire season and he trails Orakpo in that 3 year span by only 1 or 2 sacks. There's even another tier below the above mentioned that belong ranked ahead of Orakpo. Guys like Abraham, Harrison and Peppers. And let's not forget to mention all those freakers from the NY Giants. Even the worst ones of that DL are better than Orakpo. JPP is just starting but I consider him elite already and certainly a better player than Orakpo.