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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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If you wonder why some are questioning the skins - all you have to do is look at the last 15 years. This season really got my hopes up, but the aftermath is making me question things, both watching QBs we could have had for less succeed in the playoffs, then the RGIII should/could be back for the start of next season begin it's inevitable shift- my personal favorite being that our uber athletic qb may soon have the knees of Joe Namath-

you mean Russell Wilson right? Otherwise who are all of these other qbs we could have had for less that have been succeeding in the playoffs? The good thing is, if there is one, that Cousins appears to be able to play. Of RGIII needs to miss the first few weeks, I think we'll be ok. Alford Morris has a lot to do with that though as well as the return of Orakpo, Carriker, Davis, Helu and Merriwether.

I also believe that RGIII can become an athletic pocket passer, but who knows.