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“I know they’re going to draft a franchise QB,” Grossman told ESPN 980 on Saturday night.  ”If I’m on the team, I’m gonna help out that guy get up too speed, but I’ll also be ready to play.  I’m gonna be a good soldier, and I’ll be busting my ass to help him out.”

Grossman is on this third one-year contract with the Redskins.  He started 13 games in 2011, after getting three starts during the McNabb misadventure of 2010.

“Beyond the business side of it, I love all my teammates, I love the system,” Grossman said.  ”I really want to see this thing through and see the Redskins turn this thing around.”

Say what you want about Rexy's talent or lack there of, the guy sure seems like a team player. I think he'll be OK as a back up... just so long as it stays that way.