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Which one the Theismann lover or the Namath guy?

This thread wouldn't be the same without me calling you and Slateman out on your GM skills.  :lol:  But I disagree with you on babying Griffin. I think he should be thrown to the wolves and learn under fire. It's the sink or swim approach in my opinion unless he shows a complete inability to adjust immediately and seems lost in preseason.

I wouldn't be entirely upset about that approach. I just don't think that there's a cookie cutter answer for how to best develop a qb. I think we'll get a much better idea of how he's progressing after workouts/preseason ends. Fortunately, hold outs should be a thing of the past.

FWIW, I saw that Erin Henderson is upset with the Vikings about his contract or lack thereof, situation. Do you think he's big enough and has the talent to fit in our 3-4? Can he play inside?  He's listed at 6'3" 243lbs.

I was a Theisman fan, but was pretty young when his career ended so obviously, Namath is not someone I watched actually play in his time. I believe that Namath benefited from playing in NY and had he played anywhere else, he'd never have sniffed the HOF.