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Personally I would take Luck at this time. But only because Luck seems more polished and poised to be good at the next level. Luck seems the better bet on deciding whether he will make it or bust. Also, Luck was pretty steady for the past two seasons in a more conventional style system with very little talent at the receiver position. Griffin's late rise reminds me too much of Carson Palmer, Jamarcus Russell and Blaine Gabbert. That's a little scary. Griffin has huge upside but so did Ryan Leaf, Ty Detmer, Alex Smith and Akili Smith.     Griffin's yards per attempt was really good this season but was less than desired in every other season before this one. His completion percentage was better than solid but so was Graham Harrell's, Chase Daniel's and Colt McCoy's for that matter in very similar systems. In that system you throw a ton of short passes or bubble screens and quite often receivers downfield are open in a way they don't get open at the NFL level. Having said that, Griffin seems different than all of these and I'm sick of rolling the dice on crap like John Beck, Mark Brunnell, Brad Johnson or MDS. Hopefully Shanahan can work some magic and Griffin turns into the best freaking QB EVER!