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No it does not change the fact that he had 5 drops last season. My intent was not to rip you. It was more a shot at the people that run that site. However, I didn't drop any mindfacts in my post. I only pointed out how stupid it is to rely on crap like that. I think I saw a different site that had a different number of drops listed for the same season as the one you posted so, in a sense, the definitions for dropped passes are sort of mindfacts. Just the other day someone posted something about Chester that was total bullcrap that was picked up from an article (maybe even from the same place you posted). I'm sure those are helpful when you're putting together you FANTASY draft strategy though.   

OK, I can understand that. I was just wondering what numbers you saw and/or if there's a reliable source for that kind of info. It's all good fwiw, I think we overpaid for him, but I think he'll still be a nice piece in the offense.