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:lmao:  While technically the drop in the SB against the Saints happened in 2010 (February 2010 to conclude the 2009 season) this shows how idiotic it is to pay any attention to these joke publications that put out inaccurate crap for fantasy football geeks. They quote the 2010 season numbers and point out that the most notable drop of that campaign occurred in a game that was part of another season.

But does that change the fact that he had 5 drops last season? Or do you have other stats you can list? I'm not suggesting this is gospel, I'm just putting it out there that perhaps his drop issues are less a problem now than they were before.

So rather than being totally douchey and dismissive of what I proffered, how about you counter it with something informative as opposed to mindfacts and arrogance, Super Bowl drop notwithstanding.