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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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without a first or second round pick, it's not like they had any way of getting anything better than a number two except for Jackson, and he has other baggage

Wes Welker - 6th Round pick
Steve Smith - 3rd round pick
Victor Cruz - Undrafted
Mike Wallace - 3rd round
Brandon Marshall - 4th round
Brandon Loyd - 4th round
Steve Johnson - 7th round

Calvin Johnson - 1st round
Larry Fitzgerald - 1st round
Andre Johnson - 1st round
Randy Moss - 1st round
Greg Jennings - 2nd round
Ochocinco - 2nd round
Deshaun Jackson - 2nd round

For the sake of picking solidly established guys, I'll leave off Dez, Crabtree, Julio Jones, and AJ Green for now.