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Dan Snyder continues to run the Redskins as a fantasy football team.  He focuses on the positions used in fantasy football (QB, WR's, RB's), looking for "names" that he recognizes.  A RT or safety, etc is not a fantasy football position, so they don't matter to him. 
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I do believe that Shanny is calling most of the shots here. I also agree that Winston would be a great addition.

As far as the receivers go, I think Hankerson has #1 potential. Potential mind you, I'm not saying he will be a #1 but I think he has the talent to be one. Granted we only saw one real game of him, but in that one game, he showed a lot of what made a pretty good prospect. Garcon will, if nothing else, stretch the field and give the team a good deep threat and he did pretty good for the Colts considering the mess they had at qb last season.

It sounds like Josh Morgan is one of those dark horse kind of guys that teams started to take notice of. True he didn't do much last year, but he was hurt.

At least Dan Snyder isn't spending crap tons of money on past-their-primes and never-was' again.