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Morgan was actually a solid signing, I like him.

The point about WRs in the draft is that they're very hard to project in the first few rounds. Tons of busts. You can get good players in Rounds 4-7 and through undrafted (especially the possession types). Instead of paying 42 million for a mediocre WR.

If there was one player I wish the Redskins would sign, it's Eric Winston. Very good RT, would provide a massive upgrade over Brown, and best of all he just came out of a zone blocking system very similar to Shanahan's. Unfortunately, though, he wants to play for a winner. That, and the Redskins have no cap space (if they care about following the rules).
Dan Snyder continues to run the Redskins as a fantasy football team.  He focuses on the positions used in fantasy football (QB, WR's, RB's), looking for "names" that he recognizes.  A RT or safety, etc is not a fantasy football position, so they don't matter to him.