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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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Chester may have been the best lineman on the team last season. You probably read that on some publication (maybe even paid them for it).  :lmao:

There's no question Jackson is more explosive. He has a better yards/rec ratio but he's also been in the league 3 more years. Garcon was 53 yards shy of your magical 1000 yard season playing with the likes of Kerry Collins, Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky. Also, Jackson has two DUI's and another driving arrest that led to a 3 game suspension so he's a couple of ****tails away from a long suspension.

Honestly, you're right.I checked ProFootballFocus. I suppose it depends on your ideas on football sabermetrics. It said he was nearly as bad as Brown... I didn't watch Chester intently enough to say whether he was good either way (though I will note that he was graded well on pass blocking...).