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It's possible. It's the only move that makes sense. Bringing in someone from another organization doesn't make much sense (unless it's someone familiar with the system but even then this system has become a hybrid).

I don't know why they are limiting Moss' snaps. He produces whenever his name is called. He needs more touches. I don't why they don't use him instead of Banks on the option play.

The pass rush has been virtually nonexistent. Kerrigan has disappeared for the month of October. Today Sean Locklear handled him one on one.  :?

The pass rush needs help. We know we need more depth there and that's one area that Landry was actually pretty good at too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset that they let him walk, he never staid healthy, but he's far better than what we are trotting out there now. Our terrible pass coverage doesn't help the pass rush much either. We need help on defense, but it's not a "start all over again" situation. We need Rizzo to identify secondary talent :lol: