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Re: Washington Redskins Thread (2012)
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that's been the problem the whole time they've had the 3-4 in place, even with Kerrigan and Orakpo healthy. Too bad Jenkins isn't looking like the superman he was portrayed as when he got injured last summer

That's very true. And although I'm not a huge Orakpo fanboi, I recognize that he's a good player and they miss his presence. I laughed at the announcers on Fox comparing Orakpo with Demarcus Ware.  :lmao:  They may be in the same division but they aren't really in the same league. One of the idiots also said D'angelo Hall and Tony Gonzalez used to be teammates.  :?  Hopefully Jenkins just hasn't hit his stride after the injury. It took Carriker over a year to show that he was starting to come back strong. Too bad he got injured again because he was looking much better this season. Also, losing him means we have to rely on Golston a lot more and it's noticeable that he enters the game there is a significant downgrade at the DL position.

The safety position makes me want to puke.