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Re: Club Leagues (Softball, Kickball, etc)
« Reply #25: February 26, 2012, 07:53:36 AM »
Well one, no one plays at the courts near me and two it seems like a win win: meeting people,  girls, reason to go out and drink, and sports!

I get all those things but when you mix them all together you aren't necessarily maximizing the enjoyment of each one.  Back in the day I'd drive over to the best court I knew of for top pick-up basketball games (Nottoway Park usually), I wanted the high level of competition and the rush of keeping my head on a swivel because I couldn't keep track of all the guys I had fouled over the past week.  Playing co-ed soccer was fun but it was basically our six guys against their six guys and the refs liked to blow their whistles too damn much.  Hanging out with my girl and then partying with my crew were separate activities. 

I'm with Minty as far as baseball v. softball and I'm with Spidy on the kickball thing.