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Re: Club Leagues (Softball, Kickball, etc)
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Thanks for the recommendations. I don't know how good I'd be at baseball but I'd really like to play that again as well... or at least hit some balls and see if I've improved at all lol. I remember seeing some Ponce players back in the day when I was about 8-10. They'd play at Wheaton Regional before and after some of our games

Kickball just seems like such a simple thing to do. That or softball.. I mean come on, beer league was awesome!

The hardest thing to get back into is timing pitches and you can get a good guage by just hitting the cages for a while.  Everything else will come back to you. 

And you said that winning isn't improtant to you (at least not right away) and if that's the case and you're willing to try to learn a few different positions (especially pitching) then there are teams in the leagues down there always looking for new talent. 

If you're going to do softball, you migh as well try the baseball thing before going the softball route.