Author Topic: Astros to wear Colt .45 uniforms, MLB makes them remove the Colt. 45  (Read 2437 times)

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This is bullcrap, MDS get in here.

From 1962-1964 the team we now know as the Houston Astros were called the Houston Colt .45s. During those three seasons the team went 196-288 and finished no higher than 8th in the National League standings. In 1965 the Colt .45s moved into the newly build Houston Astrodome and were renamed the Astros. The franchise will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and different throwback uniforms will be worn throughout the season. Among them will be the uniform worn by the Colt .45s, but one prominent part of the jersey will not be present.

The Astros have decided to make a significant tweak to the Colt .45s jersey design. They’re removing the smoking handgun.

Astros fan James Crabtree is so upset about this that he sent a letter this week to the team and to MLB commissioner Bud Selig. He received a response from Mike Acosta, the Astros’ authentication manager, who told him, “During our discussion with Major League Baseball, it was expressed to us that we could wear the uniform as long as the pistol was removed. We realize this changes the original design, but we still want to honor the Colt .45s. We are also under an obligation to follow Major League Baseball’s requests.”

The Astros will wear the revamped, gunless version of the original jersey to honor the franchise’s original team name (as they should) but hearing what those who played for the team during those three years would be interesting. 2012 is a very different time than 1963 and prominently displaying a gun on the front of a jersey wouldn’t fly now, as evidence by MLB’s request. But the teams that took the field from 1962-1964 did wear them and the uniform is a part of the team’s history.