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Re: The Cycling Thread - 2012 Edition
« Reply #100: March 07, 2012, 08:33:50 PM »
Wow, what a day.  Biked to work this morning (~7 miles) with no problems, even found a spot in the bike rack.  Started riding home today and stopped to take this photo:

By the time I got back on the road some assclown had decided to freak up 395 South to the point the pedestrian bridge was closed.  Wound up biking down to the Memorial bridge and crossing over there to the Mt Vernon trail.  Total miles ridden today: 16 miles.

I was biking across the Memorial one time and paused to look over the wall down into the river.  I'm always scouting rivers, prospecting for fish, but this time a powerboat emerged from under the bridge with a handful of nekkid bodies sunbathing on the floor of the boat, including one woman face up.   :shock:

Ah, the sights of Washington.