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Re: The Cycling Thread - 2012 Edition
« Reply #100: February 25, 2012, 03:53:09 PM »
What's a good value bike for the 6'1" 375lb lower middle class fatty MDS? I used to love riding a bike when I was a kid and would ride all day, but that was long ago. I'd like something that won't break the bank, but will do well on hilly terrain and allow for some very mild off road shenanigans. My neighborhood is pretty much a big loop that seems to go up hill regardless of which direction you go.

Keep in mind with two car payments, a rather big mortgage, a 3 year old and the desire to be able to occasionally shoot my .45, cost is an issue :lol:

Find out when the next police auction is, they sell all the unclaimed bikes recovered from criminals.

Got my old Fuji Thrill in this way from Alexandria police - $100.  I had to put $20 into it, but still it's a low cost to what's a solid if basic ride.