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the wall-to-wall Lin coverage has been a bit much.
I'm glad i'm not the only person that feels this way. I've stopped watching espn and started watching NBCSN because they're not talking about him that much. It's all a ploy by ESPN to get interest in the NBA nationwide (they have a huge TV deal with the NBA, of course they're going to promote the crap out of it). It's a slow sports news time of year, god forbid they cover the NHL. The Knicks were a sub-.500 team until the last game and the guy has only played 6 games. I know he's playing well, but stop acting like they just won the NBA title.
It's also only getting coverage because it's NY and any other team would be ignored most likely. The San Antonio Spurs are on a 9 game winning streak, is ESPN covering a second of that? nope.

It's a perfect example of the media choosing what they want to cover, even if it isn't really as good of a story as they make it out to be.