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Re: Phillies invade Charm City
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For the record - current StubHub ticket availability for the Phillies series at Preparation H Park at Camden Yards:

Friday 8th - 1,980 tickets left starting at $32.95
Saturday 9th - 1,377 tickets left starting at $48.99
Sunday 10th - 1,887 tickets left starting at $35

...the prices seem unusually high - has that been historically a big-drawing series? (Tickets on StubHub for the Phillies visit in early May can be had for as little as $14.)

There isn't any relevant history.  The Phillies play in Baltimore only one series every six years  (since 2006 anyway, when Washington replaced the Phillies as "Geographical Rival") so the last time the Phillies were in Baltimore was 2006, I think. 

It isn't surprising that this series would be a big draw of fans from Philly. They're less than two hours away (compared with Boston and New York which are much farther) and given that they play in Baltimore 3 games every six years (compared with Boston and New York who play in Baltimore 9 games every year, i.e. 18 times as many).