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Re: 2012 media power rankings
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Nothing to comment on on the Nats, since it's A. A reasonable ranking and B. As they admit, is totally up in the air and dependent on basically two key players seasons this year to set the tone for the next five plus.

But... Hahahaha to the Orioles ranking 30. Dead freaking last. Hahah. Hilarious. Just goes to show what a freaked up joke that organization has become that they can be ranked worse than even the Pirates or Royals, or similar do nothing, budgets of nil to none, perineal loser teams. It truly warms my heart to think and see others anticipating that the Orioles future looks even worse than what they've endured thus far, and are a team headed nowhere except losersville. Couldn't happen to a nicer owner, and partial fan-base, who stopped my city from having a team during my childhood, and thus left me and so many others to grow up without MLB. Karma is truly a nag, ain't it, Petey? Of course, it's Angelos' unwillingness to spend or do anything that caused that ranking, so I guess if being such a national joke bothered him, the team wouldn't be where it is, and thus he likely could care less the O's are perceived as having the worst future out of all 30 MLB teams.