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Re: The Mens Wear Thread (aka "Dress to Impress")
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Jos A. Banks is a good store if you hit the right sale.  Last year I bought 3 suits, 3 shirts, and four ties for around $1k (after paying for alterations and a permanent crease).  The deal was "buy one suit, get two suits free, plus 3 shirts."  The ties were buy one get one free.  The highest priced suit was about $800.  I'm very happy so far with the quality.  Plus now that I've shopped there once and joined their buyers program, I get frequent discount coupons in the mail ($25 off any purchase over $50 usually).

If I were just buying a single sport coat I'd probably look at Mens Warehouse.

Yeah, Mr. Bank is a great place to build a wardrobe quickly. That's what I did. Also, they make the only casual dress khaki that fits my build.

Cynical Chief says everyone looks the same in a monkeysuit anyway, so why worry if somebody else got their monkeysuit from the same store? ;)

Well, wearing the same suit probably wouldn't be noticeable. Wearing the same patterned dress shirt stands out a bit more.