Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 108096 times)

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All the more reason to stick it to Angelos.  If he thinks he needs a fee increase to pay the Nats market value, that's his problem.  I wonder if the recent boom in RSN money could start a chain of events that gives the Nats freedom from MASN. 

That wasn't my point.  My point was - what happens when the cable networks can no collect money from the consumer by bundling these channels nobody watches together.  Most of the RSN only exist because the cable companies are bundling these channels together and collecting a fee.  If that annuity stream goes away and cable consumers can decide not to take MASN or CSN or any other channels they have to take as part of a cable package, this whole charade falls apart.