Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 106982 times)

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Why would anyone sell? Being a team owner is probably one of the best gigs and best investments you can ever have. They've been appreciating by 10% a year with seemingly very little downside - when was the last time franchises seemed to go down in value? Plus you get to hang out in the owner's box and have your ass kissed by a ton of athletes and important people. Way better than being a landlord, that's for sure :)

I forgot about leverage as well. The underlying value of the investments have been increasing 10% a year, but people like the Lerners might only have a couple hundred million invested in the team at any one time. So nowadays they're making $150 million a year on appreciation on maybe $200-300 million invested. Pretty nice if you can get it. :)