Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 108100 times)

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The amount in dispute for 2012-2016 is $100 million total, the Nats were awarded about $55M/year and MASN is paying them $35M/year. If the Nats won the dispute today MLB would take 34% of that $100M as part of the revenue sharing tax on local TV rights, so just $66M to the Nats. But the Nats have been receiving an additional $6M a year from their equity stake in MASN, a number that would evaporate with the higher rights fees, leaving $35-40M. MLB loaned the Nats $25M during the time when Selig was trying to keep the dispute of of court, resulting in about a $10-15M gross payment before taxes and legal fees. Hardly a major windfall.

The bigger factor now will be the determination of the fees for 2017-2021.

I think it shows enough that most of the "player burns" in Free Agency in the past few years were more due to players wanting to play in a certain place, and money wasn't the issue. From what I can think of, the only contract I see the Nats being burned on about money was Heyward, and that was a great deal the Nats didn't make. Zobrist wanted to play for Maddon again. O'Day, Cespedes, and Jansen all wanted to go back to their respective teams. The Nats still got Scherzer, Strasburg extended, and even Wieters without the MASN money. Certain players won't like the deferrals, but when the numbers are that high, it doesn't seem to matter much to some. For guys who take the deferred money, they essentially have a really nice insurance policy if they never own up to their contract.