Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 110938 times)

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Angelos basically blackmailed the Lords of Baseball into the deal, at the time he hinted broadly that in any lawsuit the owners would be forced to 'open their books' (something the Orioles wouldn't have to do since law firms are not required to open their books).

Nothing less than the complete de-Angelosising of the Nationals will suffice...get Angelos completely out of our television-coverage ownership/distribution picture, fire absolutely everyone currently working on the Nats telecasts and put them on banning orders from Nats Park, take down that Cal Ripken quote on that sign that one passes on the escalator between centre-field plaza and the Scoreboard Walk, and kick Edward Bennett Williams out of the Washington Hall of Stars (why is the man who kept baseball out of Washington for 25 years honoured there? His Redskins ownership is already duly recognised at FedEx Field).

The only time there should be any Orioles presence at Nats Park is when we play that team. We are a legitimate MLB team in our own right...we need to start acting that way.

"de-Angelosising", I like that.  I need to remember to spit on that Ripken quote next time I'm at the park, haven't done that in a while.

As far as Angelos demanding the broadcast rights and Selig giving them to him, I can't blame those guys, they were acting in their own best interests.  Anthony Williams was supposed to represent the city in the deal and he signed off on the MASN atrocity.