Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 107227 times)

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Well they are still watching the Braves years after they left TBS.  That was Time-Warner's biggest reason for not wanting MASN is that people would rather watch the Braves.  They are on a Fox Sports station now.

Do you really think it is only because they were on TBS?  If they hadn't won, and built a fan base, they'd be nowhere near as popular.  The Cubs used to be on everybody's cable as well, and WGN is still on many, but you don't hear NC residents begging for their games.

Comcast DC is shown in NC and they don't even have actual Redskin regular season games.

If the Nats keep winning, don't be surprised if MASN ends up on those NC cable outlets.  I watched it happen with the Braves.  It has happened with the Redskins.  Winning breeds revenue.  You build up a fan base that sticks with you. 

Let's hope Angelos isn't reading this lol.  I hope he sees it as you do and gets out.