Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 105482 times)

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If you're the Orioles it isn't.  Without that they lose everything they ever had pre-2005.

Who cares what the Orioles had prior to 2005? I don't. TV markets are "controlled" by MLB and divvied up as necessary. You don't see the Braves still hanging on to Florida - which they had for themselves through the arrival of the Marlins and then the Rays. TV markets change. Baltimore's exclusive rights extend only to the city/county where the team plays and any city county that it touches. So, the O's had rights over Howard County, but the Nats had the new rights to PG county. The o's threatened to sue, and got a tv network, bad move by Bud, But if MASN thought that they were smart in getting some clause that gave them as much for the O's as it does for the Nats, well, then, the faster that MASN goes bankrupt and the Nats get out of that deal, the happier I'll be.