Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 103832 times)

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The thing about lawsuits, though, is that even if Angelos doesn't prevail on the merits he can, if he does get the court to force the owners to open their books, still get his pound of flesh (especially if the suit is filed in a Maryland court - he's still a powerful figure in the legal/political community there). In many cases when it comes to litigation...even if you lose, you win.

As I stated earlier, it was just the threat of such a lawsuit that got MLB to knuckle under in the first place on the MASN deal - and I'm sure Lerner is just as scared as any of the rest of them of an open-the-books order. He's just as threatened by the Angelos nuclear option as any of the other owners and he'll toe the party line on this.

i wonder how long before Angelos starts floating the idea of moving the Orioles out of Baltimore.  I'm guessing the team isn't very profitable anymore.

I don't ever see this happening.

Isn't Angelos from the Baltimore area?