Author Topic: WP: Nats MASN deal renegotations will have a huge impact  (Read 108196 times)

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i wonder how long before Angelos starts floating the idea of moving the Orioles out of Baltimore.  I'm guessing the team isn't very profitable anymore.

Not sure about would think their finances wouldn't be all that dire though, given that besides their own local telly revenue they're getting most of ours, even though they just posted their fourth consecutive season of less than 2m attendance (longest such slump at the gate since they first hit that mark in 1983)...but it sure as heck isn't successful - with another losing season in 2012 they'll tie the American League record of 15 straight (currently shared by 1919-33 Red Sox and 1953-67 A's)...and if the Pirates ever start winning again the Woes can go after the all-time MLB record.