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Re: Video Games
« Reply #775: August 25, 2012, 01:55:40 AM »
Guild Wars 2 is teh awesome.  I was going to play with my cousin but he fell asleep.  I still played anyway.  It's great so far.  Funny how d3 was unplayable for the first few days and ArenaNet decides to say freak it, we're opening the servers 3 hours early in a game where there are hundreds or thousands of people in the same gigantic world.  And it didn't have a single hiccup in my playtime.  They apparently have some kind of system where if too many people are in a zone you go into the "overflow" version of that zone.  You can still do everything as the other zones it seems, it's just a second instance of the zone to deal with the load so you don't have a billion people in one spot.  I played for about 10 minutes in the overflow Metrica Province until I got a notification that I could join the main version.  Didn't really see a difference.

Anyway, here's Freezer Burns, level 4 Asura Elementalist.

Lookin' like a total pimp in his GW2 baseball cap from the Black Lion Trading Company store (aka the cash shop - hat is a free item until Sept 15).