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How is 6670 behind 5850?

Isn't that a newer model?

In ATI model parlance, the last three numbers are supposed to correspond with the target market from generation to generation.  3850 > 4850 > 5850, etc.  They actually changed it in the 6 series so 6950 is the successor to the 5850 (the 6850 is actually slightly slower than a 5850, though not by a lot).

Anyway point being that a 5850 has about 2.75x the computational power of a 6670 (this according to ATI's own published specs).  6670 is a mid-market card at best.  I would say more like low-mid market.  The 5850 was one step below top of the line when it came out, and is still vastly superior to any number of "current" cheaper cards.