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Anyone pick up the new Humble Bundle?  Humble Bundle V is:

Sword & Sorcery
Amnesia:  The Dark Decent

How the Humble Bundle works is you pay whatever you want for the bundle (even $0.01 if you're a dick).  You get direct, DRM free, cross platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) downloads of the games as well as each game's soundtrack in FLAC and mp3 format.

Pay at least $1, and you get steam keys for each game as well.  Pay at least as much or more than the average (currently $7.82), and you get another game in the bundle, Bastion.

The money is split between the developers of the games, Humble Bundle, Inc., the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child's Play charity.  Instead of the set 50% developer/40% EFF + Child's Play/10% Humble Bundle, you can also customize how much of your money you want to go to each developer / charity / foundation, etc.

I'll probably get it, thinking I'll go with $10-15.  Several games I've been interested in.  Amnesia is supposed to be one of the scariest games of all time, and Bastion looks really fun.  LIMBO has an amazing looking art style.  All that + soundtracks + plays on every OS + supports indie developers + money to charity seems like a no brainer.

Man I wish my PC wasn't a steaming pile of plastic crap... Slow plastic crap at that.