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Re: Video Games
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Why would they do this? :shrug:

I've seen a lot of threads about difficulties running it on OSX. I don't know, because I played on my XPS desktop.

Oh I know, but who cares?  I haven't started my placement matches yet, but if I end up in the copper league just dicking around, so what?  I'm playing for fun, not to be the best.  Everyone knows the cyberkoreans > all anyway.

Well once I reached a certain league because I was playing it a lot, I couldn't play it once in a while. I would get waxed. It's all about precise build orders. And Platinum is still pretty sucky.

I'm not hyper competitive gamer, but 1v1 StarCraft definitely gets me feeling competitive. It's an intense game. I enjoyed the team games (3v3 and 4v4) for fun.

Just explaining why I gave it up, not saying it's like that for everyone.