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NotLD, can't quite work out from this whether you had your ear to the wall all day...or it was simply so loud that you could hear them no matter where you were in the house?

And 2K6Nats, I feel for you.

Vermont and Maine claim to have the most splendid lobster in the USA, though I've disputed this for 20 years or more. Lobster truly is the sea-food from hell.

There was a restaurant called 'The Landing' at Newport, Vermont. It's at the opposite end of Lake Memphremagog from my old holiday stamping ground in the eastern townships of Quebec. Lake Memphremagog by the way has its very own prehistoric monster lurking in the depths, presumably along the same lines as the Loch Ness Monster...Nats A-Ball team 'Vermont Lake Monsters'?? Anyway I was also also stricken by a vicious shell-fish, though not through food-poisoning but as the result of getting a piece of lobster claw stuck half-way down my gullett. 'The Landing' is (or was, if it's still there) one of those places where some sadist emerges from the kitchen and invites you to pick your own preferred live lobster from out of a huge tank as the poor thing innocently swims around, then he removes it from the tank in front of your eyes and presumably 30 seconds later it's thrown into a vat of boiling water. I'd never had lobster before, and certainly never had it since. Anyway I missed a bit of sharp lobster claw and it got stuck in my throat, quite painfully. I needed urgent first aid to get in loose. It was I think either a Friday or a Saturday night so there were probably well over 100 people all watching me choke.

Never again (Image removed from quote.)

I assure you I didn't have my windows open and my head pressed into a glass against the wall.

They were THAT LOUD.