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Re: Must See TV Thread
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Ugh. I saw a commercial for some new dreck on the home of trash TV, TLC. God, to imagine that craphole was once the Learning Channel is disgusting. But yeah, Pete Rose apparently has a new reality show coming. Apparently he's gone Woody Allen marrying a woman who could be his grandaughter and is of Asian descent to boot.

I'm of the mind he should be allowed in the HoF, don't think he's Satan incarnate, etc. But doing that trash tv out of desperation, he definitely lost whatever respect I had for him. Between him being despised for gambling and crap like this draeing mainly female viewership, I see a guaranteed failure. Reality show on TLC about a disgraced sports player, I can't imagine who they expect to watch. But all the morons watching BooBooBoo and Polygamy Inc., I'm sure it'll be a hit.