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Reading some article, I realized something. I'm watching just about zero network TV this year, which astounds me when I think how much I did a decade ago. Literally two tuners at the same time wasn't enough. Now? Retreading Sherlock Homes, Vegas, NCIS got awful, retreading Mork and Mindy show that should die, incredibly stupid comedies...

Primetime TV is a cesspool of either crime procedurals or godawful comedies. Now I'm a horror fan. I admit. But what I realized is that none of these 'out there' supernatural/horror on cable has failed lately, just the opposite. True Blood, Walking Dead, American Horror Story, GoTs, etc. The most celebrated shows out there. What are the odds, assuming they can adjust for broadcast TV contentwise at least, these networks quit with Animal Practice, or a million 'crime of the week' trash and get a clue?

It kills me Fringe is one of the greatest things in history this season and it's already done filming for good. Homeland, Breaking Bad, Mad Men... non-paranormal dramas, but not 'crime of the week.' that have had wild success, and yet the big 4 networks keep shoveling the same trash year after year. God, if one more hour gets taken up with a singing show... How much karoake can people watch a week?

It'd be nice to have more than 5 or 6 shows to watch a week. I could understand if a million horror shows failed for every AHS... But right now anything that isn't a comedy or crime show is heralded as the greatest thing ever and gets exceptional ratings. The broadcast networks have to notice eventually, right?