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On a serious note, I keep hearing so much about GoT both here and from co-workers...  is there any legit way to watch the first season besides buying the discs?

Since you have Comcast, if you subscribe to HBO with a $10/month special, all of the first season of Game of Thrones is available at no extra charge in the On Demand menu (through June 2012, I think). See if there is a minimum subscription time period.  Maybe you could watch them all within a month or 2 and then cancel it. 

As mentioned, you'd also have access to GoHBO.  I've never used that, but I could theoretically watch Season 1 of any HBO series.  They have a LOT of old HBO series in On Demand.  (I didn't tune in to the Season 1 replay of The Wire, which I've never seen, when they began replaying it a month or so ago.)

You mentioned using Comcast On Demand before.  In the Free Movies section of the On Demand menus, there are about 120 free and uncut movies available at any given time.  ( selections have commercial promotions, but you can fast forward through them.)

You can watch a whole pile of network and cable TV shows On Demand for no extra cost.  (Access to On Demand might be part of a commercial package I subscribe to.)

Comcast has a HUGE library of pay per view films in On Demand.  The cheapest are $2.99, so it would be cheaper to just subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster, and get them that way.