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Re: Movie Recommendations/Want To See List
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Ask a woman, they are the ones reading/watching. What man on this world can truly understand the way a woman thinks? I say that in no way attempting to be a dick, but seriously, it's true. We think different on so many different levels. The wife just loves the romance or whatever in the books. And then the nasty of 50 Shades... All I can say is while she was reading all of those books, I was getting laid like crazy. I'll buy them for her if she wants :lol:

Ms. Houston read the Wiki summary of 50 Shades and nearly through a ragefit against society just based on that. But on the other hand, she did invent the Twilight movie drinking game, which is you drink every time you feel like you need to keep drinking in order to willingly watch Twilight. The first game ended after 40 minutes for participant safety :lol: