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Re: Movie Recommendations/Want To See List
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Okay... Just watched Prometheus. Awesome film. I'll put the rest in spoilers.

It was awesome, but Scott needs to retire. Two reasons. The Alien crap at the end destroys the entire film. Destroys it. Yeah, great, he'll do a sequel and make a crapload of money having Ripley kill the engineers. Whee.

Scott also needs to shut the **** up. He took a masterpiece with a resounding message and explains it for idiots. I watched the film once, and I understood it all. Yeah, I'm not the average audience member. Furthermore, in working on my own endeavor of taking grains from Christianity and warping them into something far different for a novel this year, I've immersed myself in it. I'll admit, it wasn't until then"why are you trying to kill us!" That I "got" it.

I'd been hoping it was the immortality thing. That they were us, and we were David. That is, they were a parasitical lifeform that evolved intelligence. The bodies we see are mules, engineered, and their intelligence is in the parasite. Humanity was their immortality, a breeding farm of mortals to transfer into near death. Then of course, the dude gets infected and goes insane, and clearly that is not the case.

It would have been a better film had that been the case. Instead... engineered. The crapstorm happens approximately two thousand years ago with them dying. And wouldn't you know, Christmas trees? A cross? They are Nephilim. Christ was one of them. In the Bible, at the resurrection, as the rock moves from the tomb, some stories have it that two tall/towering "angels" went inside. I forget if that's in the synoptic gospels or apocryphal since I've been in a haze of religious dogma lately without focusing on who "won" in the end. The big face statue is Christ. The pathetic part is the last survivor. Dude wakes up, and within five minutes he's launching the ship towards earth's gullet? Umm... I'd say the fact humanity is staring you in the face says they've evolved just a bit.

But to read Scott apparently saying some scenes were filmed with the Christ connection? Takes away the majestic story that was the final product. Still an amazing film, but could have done without him explaining it all in interviews.


The alien bit was just fan service. It was pretty bad but they had to put it in there. If you watch throughout the movie, xenomorphs were hinted all over though. The mural was even about a xenomorph queen or whatever their full name is.

As for the religious stuff, I liked how it was intertwined with science.

Also, when the Engineer immediately woke up, he knew he was late for his mission (2000 years late) and was continuing on as planned. It made the Engineer even more upset when David asked for "power/immortality". Sure humans have become evolved when they meet the engineer but I think that would freak the engineer out even more.

I think a Prometheus 2 would be excellent. I hope it's not a "kill all engineer" type movie. I want more lore in the Alien universe.